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Aditya: I have Z1
Sagar Swain: Lekin mere liye chatur hi sahi he..😢😢😢😢
sasha's dance: Вообще нравится когда рецепты говорят не долго и просто.а то иногда одно и тоже говорят несколько раз.не слышат что ли сами себя.можно же попроще...
KandidKinks: UPDATED PRODUCT COMPARISON VIDEO ————> https://youtu.be/Ig1AU9ICzU4
Vandalheart Vandalheart: Well done Mattel, hope you do more of the legendary wrestlers.
Alejandra Medina: I know this is a very old video but i found your channel because of your video of you dying your hair red. On the other video you said it was 3RV and 20 developer. But on this video you said it was a different color. Im going to do my hair like the other video just want to make sure i get the right color. I have it blonde like you had it. Hope to hear from you! Thank you!
Yanping Wang: Smart and hardworking man