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WENDER Silva: N900 is the better!
John Smith: what did u torque the nuts to?
larissa t.: Hahahaha! Same background music as the Face Ripper. Funny how they reuse audio. This prop is super cool though😃
BM Aus: Could have driven straight through if it wasn't for all the "experts" helping him. The picklehead running through the creek in front of him with the recovery strap was probably a Toyota driver.
Gumbal: The ting go SKRRRA PAP PAP KA KA KA :D
Witawas Sangwiman: โอ้ยยย ไพเราะเสนาะหู ค่าเสียหายเท่าไหร่คับเนี่ย
TASTYKANDY BOSSLIFE: does anyone know what kind of outre hair this is the exact brand