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TheSpidermanJerry: cool
iterum_: You should read American Alien then. You'll like it. 😊
James: Mine arrived yesterday.
It is now in my get out get home bag.
In an emergency situation you may need to get out of where you are before attempting to get back home.
As of 2018 new federal regulations all car glass must be shatterproof safety glass on all four sides this is the only type of tool that's going to get you out because those little glass Breakers no longer work.

DownTempo: 16:00 the camera doesn't know what to do lmao!
Nathan Stump: In the sequel will we see more in depth character customization options? And could you add music in deadly dungeons that plays throughout gameplay?
Vân Nguyễn: Cho hoi bai moi nay co de lau dc ko vay
Сергей Чернов: Привет , что скажешь за такие станции , нужны они мне для переговоров во время поездки между машинами , стоит брать их ? Заранее благодарю. 2 шт. Рация Retevis RT81 Цифровой/Аналоговый 10 Вт IP67 Водонепроницаемый DMR32CH UHF 400-470 МГц VOX Encryption Любительское Радио A9119A