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XtaticVideo: работы, резюме, это конечно ппыц... когда наемные сотрудники еще и стараются понравиться работодателю)
NK true: Listening to this review on these headphones that I have owned for two years is sureal.
I say that because I have used them in the gym for those two years and the sound that comes from them are a warm soulful sound.
Never had a problem with the wire catching onto anything and the perforated ear cups are great for regulating the head and sweating.
As far as the fit goes. I don't have a small head or ears and they fit just fine. In fact during the workout I barely notice them on my head/ears.
I check out the Crushers (to buy a spare headset) and the bass in those things just didn't cut it. Other than the rattle the bass was souless.
I'd definitely recommed these headphones to anyone for gym use (though the price of these are now a bit much compared to when I purchased them).

Tenzing Sherpa: PC 👋👋👋
midorihibiki: How much money did you pay for these quad NOS Telefunken ECC82 tubes? Thanks! I just google and found them on upscale audio and holy molly $349 for just 1 tube lol.
jack freeman: вгт венецианка и воск к ней самые худшие не покупайте никогда
GROW TOPIA GAMEPLAY AND more: Dalton was low key roasting david
Emma Northfield: Looks really fun !!